GoDataFeed provides a single point of integration to optimize, automate and track product feeds to all major comparison shopping channels. With GoDataFeed’s robust shopping feed management and optimization tools, you can customize your feeds for each engine, create campaigns and track which channels and products are generating more sales.

With more than 70 shopping channels, marketplaces, affiliate networks and ecommerce services to choose from, GoDataFeed is a simple and affordable way to drive more qualified, targeted traffic to your Website. Plus, by streamlining your shopping channel management efforts, you ensure that you’re always submitting valid feeds, categorizing your products correctly to enhance your search-ability and that you’re not wasting your marketing dollars on out-of-stock or unprofitable items.

Managing feed campaigns for multiple shopping channels can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. Each shopping channel has different data feed and categorization requirements and manually preparing and submitting feeds to various marketing channels can be cost prohibitive and inefficient. GoDataFeed consolidates your efforts to submit to multiple shopping channels by providing a user-friendly way to:

  • Simplify and automate the preparation and submission of data feeds
  • Optimize product listings with intuitive mapping and categorization tools
  • Analyze your results by tracking clicks, conversions and revenue from conversion for each of your feeds; down to the SKU level

Powerful analytics allows you to analyze results to target sales of more profitable items, easily exclude low margin items from feeds, and track click costs and metrics from the most popular channels. Plus, through GoDataFeed’s Performance Alerts, you can receive emails that inform you when your products are under-performing to help you reduce costs, increase profitability and make smarter campaign decisions.


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