GoMage specializes in creating professional up-to-date extensions and provides high-quality services for Magento.

GoMage is a Magento Bronze Industry Partner. More than 4000 Magento merchants all over the world use GoMage products. GoMage modules improve customer satisfaction and, therefore, increase sales and profits. And GoMage Feed Pro extension is now compatible with adCore!

GoMage Feed Pro  is a Feed Manager for Magento which allows you to provide information about products from your online store to search engines like Google Product Search (Google Base), Yahoo! Store, eBay, Amazon.com, ChannelAdvisor and other sites that collect and show information about your products. GoMage Feed Pro now supports adCore!

Using the extension and adCore technology you can create and automatically generate Adwords campaigns, so you have the opportunity to appear in the top Adwords section of the Google Search page.

GoMage Feed Pro Features

Unlimited number of feeds on your store;

  • Ability to send your product data to all Search Engine Services you utilize;
  • Ability to send product data from any of your Magento stores directly;
  • Ability to send different data and prices to each of these places;
  •  Providing a permanent URL for Search Engine Services;
  • Ability to send your product data files through FTP;
  •  Ability to automatically send your product data files using business rules;
  • Set the Auto-generate and Auot-Upload times for Feed files;
  • Upload Images;
  • Ability to resize uploaded images (new);
  • Supported formats: csv, txt, xml;
  • Ability to use File Creation Settings for slow Servers;
  • Easy installation means you simply upload files without the need to change code or templates.


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