Itweetlive lets you communicate with more people in less time ‎on twitter, while ensuring interactions are personal and ‎effective.

Itweetlive is the only conversation tool for the social web that employs the same A/B testing process used to optimize websites, email campaigns and advertising, itweetlive enables you to build constantly improving conversation decision trees.

Itweetlive was developed to help brands, organizations and Community Managers make a true difference in the way they engage and build their social brand presence. With thousands of mentions and status updates each day, it’s been almost impossible for one person to engage in real-time and on a personal level with a large audience. Until now. With the help of Itweetive, users can increase engagement scope and results in just a few days without needing to hire a large staff to handle conversations.

  • Target, identify and grow your audience
  • Modify searches using real-time data from Twitter
  • Personalized ‘one-on-many’ engagements
  • AB Test tweets for maximizing engagement results
  • Analyze engagement results and Twitter campaigns
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts


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