OneSaas is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud integration platform designed to solve the challenges of integrating separate Cloud-based or On-Site software solutions.

OneSaas seamlessly integrates the most popular platforms from CRM, eCommerce, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Event Management, Project and Team Management and Accounting simplifying and optimizing business processes. OneSaas can take care of all your integrations, data migrations, synchronizations and data de-duplication between different software platforms.

If you use multiple applications across your business then you can connect these with OneSaas. OneSaas can automatically synchronize the data across your business, including your contacts, leads, product details, invoices, sales data and financial information. Synchronizing your data and getting your applications to ‘talk’ to each can save hours of time and is an efficient way to do things!

The data is synchronized on an hourly or daily and is automatically updated across platforms. You can choose either an hourly or daily plan. OneSaas manages the quality control for data cleansing and data validation process reducing the potential for manual error. With the data being synchronized automatically on a regular basis this leaves more time for a business – to focus on business!

Setting up your account is easy as OneSaas will guide you along the way. By following the prompts a typical integration can take between 10-15 minutes to set up. With a free 30 day trial you can take OneSaas for a test drive and see how it works for yourself. Once you’ve done the initial set up you’ll only need to sign in to your dashboard if you want to make updates or check a synchronization.


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