Shop2market is an innovative online campaign management tool which helps etailers optimize all their online marketing channels.

Shop2market was founded in 2008 by a number of Internet Marketing specialists and now etailers across Europe use Shop2market to manage their entire online marketing campaigns. In the process Shop2market generate over 30 million ads on a daily basis.

Data Feed Management

  • Create & optimize product feeds instantly
  • Make selections (e.g. Top lists)
  • Supports public & private channels

Conversion Attribution

  • Insight in conversion paths
  • Insight in the contribution per affiliate
  • Contribution based commissions

Tag Management

  • Support of all networks and channels
  • Activate tags conditionally
  • Safe, easy and fast

Datafeed Driven Search

  • Up-to-date product information
  • Higher CTR and Conversion
  • Specific keywords are cheaper

Affiliate Management

  • Insight in the results per affiliate_id
  • Host your own affiliates
  • Automated order approval

Campaign Optimization

  • Deactivate non performing ads
  • Deactivate affiliates without contribution
  • Optimize marketing content

Price Watch

  • Monitor your position on CSE’s
  • Adjust pricing accordingly
  • Twitter top positions

Personalized Dashboard

  • Results per product, category, affiliate
  • Full insight including revenue
  • Custom access for partners


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